3 Reasons For Bad TV Reception

30 July 2019
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If the picture on your TV appears pixelated or if it keeps freezing, you may find it very difficult to watch your favourite TV shows and movies. By taking the time to understand the possible reasons for poor TV reception, you will be able to take action to remedy the problem. Read on to find out more about three causes of bad TV reception and the steps you can take to remedy the issue.

1. Damaged cables

If the cables which carry the signal from the antenna to your TV become damaged, you will notice that the picture on your television degrades. Cables can be damaged by pests such as mice or rats which chew through the cables. Cables can also be damaged if they are not laid out correctly. Ideally, the cables should be installed behind walls or underneath floorboards where they cannot be damaged. If this is not possible, you should ensure that the cable is tacked to the sideboard or wall to avoid damage caused by them being stood on or trapped in closing doors.

2. Bad weather

During bad weather, your antenna's ability to receive the signal may be compromised. For example, during high winds, a badly secured reception equipment may be blown out of position, so it begins to point the wrong way. If the equipment isn't pointed in the correct direction, the image quality displayed on your TV will diminish. During colder weather, the build-up of ice on your TV antenna could impact its ability to receive TV transmissions. Not only can the ice form a wall which blocks the signal from reaching the equipment, but its weight can also cause the TV aerial to sag, to it is pointing towards the ground. You combat these issues by ensuring that your TV receiving equipment is well maintained and securely attached to the roof of your property.

3. Transmission issues

Finally, you may be experiencing problems due to transmission issues with the broadcaster. You can check if this is the case by checking if it is only particular channels which you cannot receive or view. If this is the case, you should get in touch with the broadcaster or check their website. They should be able to provide you with further advice and information.

If you would like to find out more about fixing problems with your TV reception, you should get in touch with your local TV service.