3 TV Antenna Installation Tips

26 January 2018
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The TV signals which you receive will be better in case you follow some basic tips during the installation process. This article discusses some tips that will help you to get the best from your TV antenna.

Opt for Outdoor Installation

The strength of the signal that reaches your TV set may be directly connected to where you installed the TV antenna. It is better for you to install the antenna outdoors at the highest elevation possible, such as on the roof of your home. Such an installation location will provide a clear line of sight between the mast supplying the signal and the antenna receiving that signal. This is because elevated locations are good since there will be fewer obstructions in the path of the signals coming towards the antenna.

Use a Preamplifier

It is at times necessary to install the TV antenna far from the TV sets that will be using the signals captured by the antenna. This distance may arise in case the distance from the room where the TV is located to a suitable outdoor installation is great. The signal strength can degrade as it travels over that long distance to your TV set. One way to overcome this shortcoming is by installing a preamplifier on the antenna. This device will magnify the signals so that the quality will still be good once the signals reach your TV after moving over the long distance, such as 100 metres.

Find a Window

Some people may be compelled to install the TV antenna indoors instead of outdoors. Several reasons, such as homeowners' association rules and personal preferences, can explain why antennas may be installed indoors. It is advisable that you place the antenna close to a window in case you are one of those whose TV antenna is indoors. Why is this a good idea? Windows provide an opening to the outdoors. Consequently, the signals will not have to go through several obstructions, such as walls. Secondly, windows can limit the amount of electromagnetic noise that can affect the quality of the signals reaching your TV. For example, areas close to windows rarely have several electrical appliances since people want to leave the window open for ventilation purposes.

Get help from a TV antenna installation expert in case you installed the antenna on your own, but the reception has been poor. The professional will examine the installation and make any needed changes to improve the quality of the signal.